Lifesytel for TMJ Sufferer

05/05/2011 02:44

Changing on some lifestyle might be helpful for you if you are TMJ disorder sufferer, you need to be aware of it as example below

Below are some guidelines for TMJ Sufferer:

YOu need to Avoid to open your mouth very wide. how wide you open your mouth? you can manage it.

Managing stress level. You might have to release nervous energy when they feel stressed, and in some people: tooth grinding or jaw clenching (known as bruxism) may contribute to pain in the temporomandibular joint.  Hence, find other ways for managing stress that may help to decrease your pain rather than you grind your teeth.

Do you need to Wear night guards? A night guard is a kind of customized plastic device that usually made by a dentist, that need to be worn at night for minimizing the damage to teeth and jaw joints caused by grinding and clenching.


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