What is TMJ

28/04/2011 08:29

what exactly IS TMJ? The initials, TMJ, stand for temporomandibular joint disorder (or disfunction, or syndrome, or disease). Have you ever heard someone say they can't chew gum because they have disorder on their TMJ? Or maybe your very own doctor has diagnosed you with TMJ.


Temporomandibular joint disfunction or disorder is more common than people once realized. Of course as time went on, medical professional were better able to diagnose new disorders and diseases as newer methods and technology became available to them.

TMJ is a disorder of the tmj or jaw joint. More people have this disorder than people realized. TMJ causes pain with the movement of the jaw and the surrounding muscles, ligaments and nerves.

TMJ, as it is often called, occurs for one of a few reasons. First of all it can occur when the jaw joint itself, is worn down. Secondly TMJ can occur when the jaw joint becomes abnormal in shape due to injury. And last, but certainly not least, TMJ can occur in people who have arthritis and when the jaw joint has therefore, been affected by arthritis changes.

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